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“Kai” is the Hawaiian designation for water and sea. Thus, the brand is dedicated to the spirit of the Hawaiian ukulele culture, but does not obstruct a certain international diversity. Like the water: spacious, always in motion, and basically unstoppable.

Kai ukuleles are also a visual delicacy. In the 20s and 30s series, special types of wood such as mango or pacific walnut are used for the body. In addition, the special tonal characteristics of these models due to their appearance (color, grain, etc.) are definitely an eye-catcher during the festival season.

The motto “Small in form, big in sound” gets a very special meaning at Kai Ukuleles, because the second soundhole on the upper frame makes the ukulele a sound experience for the player as well. Never before has one perceived the sound of the ukulele so directly. Kai ukuleles make that possible.